Stevija has many products concerning sugar substitutes, of which their most famous Crystal packaging has been given a different approach. For a client I worked on a concept and a design for this packaging.

Current design

Current packaging. More focus on the photography than the essence of the product it self, witch gives it an artificial look.


Different approach, same product. Going back to the roots.

Color and design elements

The color palette is based on the soft color of sugar. Dark blue is used for accents and green for the natural overall feeling.
The shapes that are used are mostly shapes of the plants leafs.


The fonts Miltonian Tattoo and Averia Libre are chosen because the friendly shapes. Shapes that are closely connected
to the shapes of the plant leaves.

Final product

The recycled paper as a background, together with soft colours gives an organic and friendly appearance. Fun fact is that you can see through the cup to see if your sugar is empty.

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