OSG Singelland




I have completed many assignments for Het Drachtster Lyceum in recent years. From concepts to detailed floor plans, I have designed almost everything you can think of that makes up a corporate identity. 


I have kept the current colors and typography in almost all expressions. In addition to the existing elements, I looked at friendly colors that fit well with the existing house style in order to create more variation.


Color palette

Extra colors

Illustration design

My design direction focused on round shapes for a friendly and modern look. The shapes, colors and typography thus fit in well with the current corporate identity elements. The illustrations are made up of a light background and students in the foreground. In this way it is immediately clear what it is about without the context being omitted.

Floor plan

Special routes for the floor plan

Icon design

I designed an icon set for the floor plan of the building. The icon set provides information like for example the information desk, stairs and the different classes.


The current website is based on an outdated UX / UI layout where structure is lost. I looked at websites of larger schools such as the NHL and Hanze to find out what makes a school website a good website. Whats bigger websites all have in common, and use that as a foundation.

Corona guidelines and information

With the pandemic at our doorstep the school had to give rules of conduct to all the students. To limit an overload of information, I created an icon set that provided information about the new regulations in a moment.

Registration form

Processing new registrations is easier when this is digital. As a concept I made a concept so that parents could fill in an interactive PDF and send it directly.

Servicedesk reply

The current autoreply from our Servicedesk was just text based. The new concept was based on a new design special for the servicedesk department.

User instruction manuals

Chromebook instructionmanual

Common questions booklet

Not everyone that lives with IT knows how to use it correctly. With that in mind, I made a little booklet for all teachers with most common frequent questions about hardware and software.

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