NHL Graduation Project




For my graduation assignment I wanted to really extend my creative boundaries by doing research into early and pre-school education. This to see what kind of product I could make to better prepare children for school. After research, I finally made an activity map with all kinds of content.


The content of the map consists of a children’s book and activities that are nicely divided.


The book was part of the theme and a way to stimulate language. On every page there were hidden items that kids needed to find.

Illustration Proces

The illustration process for the book as for flashcards, for example, went like this. First look up information about an object, then make a sketch of it and then color it in Photoshop.

Final thoughts

The final product gave me a good assessment, but above all a very satisfied feeling. It took more time than I expected, but the product is therefore complete and rich in information for preschool education.

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