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About me

As a kid I never knew what I wanted as a future career. I was wondering where my qualities were and how I could use them to help others. Later I discovered that I was a visual learner, always drawing and thinking in visuals. Now I use that skill to visualize all kinds of information into something helpful and interesting to look at.




Westerneng Design is a small and focused design practice located in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. I started more then years ago at school, building a small portfolio. In the the spring of 2013 I established Westerneng Design as a freelance graphic design studio.




In order to optimally visualize my work process, I’ve made an overview of the most frequently asked questions. This way you can already start thinking about important toppics.

What about copyrights?2021-04-13T13:30:51+00:00

When a project is finished, you will receive all the files through a shared link, you are the direct owner of the delivered assets. But keep in mind that if you decide to change for example the logo, future support will expire. Video’s and photo’s made during the project cannot be used for own projects or business.

Do you work with templates or is every project hand crafted?2020-12-15T08:37:03+00:00

Most design firms will design your website with the use of template designs in order to keep prices as low as posible. In this case, your project will be custom build. Every project needs a different approach, so I dont believe in using other work for that.

How much time does a project take from start to finish?2020-12-15T08:28:28+00:00
The amount of time needed for each project is different. This comes down to the amount of content (scale) required for your project. To get a finished website online involves more work than, for example, developing a corporate identity. Developing a website takes at least a month, while a corporate identity only needs roughly half of that the time.
How much do you charge?2020-12-15T08:43:07+00:00

Ofcource this is an important question, but allso hard to give a straight awsner to. This will depent on the size of the project and how much time I will need to complete. I do not work with a hour rate, but with a project cost. In that way I can give you a complete price, and you won’t have to deal with extra costst later down the line. Keep in mind because I am a one man band, in most cases I need more time than bigger design firms.

What information do I need to provide?2020-12-15T08:34:04+00:00

Before we sit down for a great and meet you can brainstorm and gather the following information. What is my budget? What is your ultimate goal? What is my current problem? What is the story behind the company? When did you know that you wanted to work for yourself? What do you love? A new company’s must embody the founder’s vision of where the company is going, not where it is.  Of Course there are many other questions you can ask yourself, but this is something to get started with. All of the these answers will give us a foundation to build on.

How much do you charge for revisions?2020-12-15T08:39:08+00:00

Every project part has two rounds of revisions. For example you want a new logo. At the end of the project there will be 3 different design options, and from the selected design, you can choose to change elements two times.

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